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Sentropy’s mission is to make the internet a safer place with abuse-monitoring technology.

The Challenge

Given the nature of their work it’s critical that they ensure their client’s data privacy. However, as a start-up serving large enterprises, resource allocation is always top of mind—every second spent worrying about data privacy issues means less time making the internet safer.

Sentropy wanted to find a partner that could seamlessly manage the data privacy and security side of their business. It was imperative to find an intuitive solution that allowed for quick onboarding and complete assurance that they were doing everything possible to provide security for their clients.


The Solution

Sentropy’s commitment to online security dovetails with Vanta’s focus on data privacy. Their team took into account Vanta’s usability, ease, and depth of knowledge on SOC 2 certification. Choosing Vanta meant Sentropy could protect their users while optimizing their own internal resources.

Vanta helped Sentropy with security training for new employees, privacy and security policy creation, continuous monitoring of their systems, and monitoring of user access and vendor risk levels to bolster their own security and allowed them to stay on top of emerging threats. 

Additionally, Vanta allowed Sentropy a unique avenue to transparency and trust with their clients by providing a public-facing URL that their customers can access via password to see where the company is in terms of compliance with specific security requirements.



The Impact

Sentropy’s team not only saved time initially on SOC-2 certification and onboarding, but continually gives their team peace-of-mind and precious resource allocation when it comes to data privacy and security. 

As a startup selling to large companies, providing robust, dedicated, and transparent assurance to privacy results directly in shortening Sentropy’s sales cycles, closing deals, and ability to focus on what matters most—a safe internet.


Having this extra layer of protection helps our COO and VP of Engineering sleep better at night, and saves us a ton of engineering resources.

Laura Gentile
Partnerships & Operations Lead | Sentropy

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