Viakoo stays SOC 2 compliant and continuously secure with Vanta

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Enhanced management

In-house management of controls

Improved visibility

Full transparency with a single source of truth

Retained resources

Time and money saved with ease of use

Vanta alerts us automatically when things are out of compliance and has become completely integrated in our day-to-day internal processes.

David Nelson-Gal
Chief Technology Officer | Viakoo
The Company

Keeping enterprises safe

Viakoo remediates vulnerabilities and makes all devices full secure network citizens. Viakoo’s vision is for every connected enterprise IoT device to be 100% visible, operational, and secured, in order to help organizations achieve Zero Trust. The Viakoo Action Platform addresses IoT attack surfaces by remediating device vulnerabilities and helps cybersecurity teams keep their enterprises secure.

The Challenge

Proving security faster

Viakoo wanted to get out of the business of exhaustively answering each customer’s IPSec questionnaire and instead give their customers greater confidence in Viakoo as a vendor.

The Solution

Saving time and money

Vanta gave Viakoo a ready process for them to follow instead of developing their own in-house tracking mechanisms. They reduced the amount of time spent going back and forth with auditors as Vanta gave them the confidence to manage their controls and own their audit readiness. Overall, costs to get SOC 2 compliant were less expensive and far more efficient with Vanta.

The Impact

Full transparency and audit access

From providing templates for policies and a central repository to store company information in an audit friendly way, Vanta bolstered the security foundation for Viakoo. Within the platform, employees could review policies, complete security training, and secure their company devices. Vanta gave Viakoo the confidence to be audit ready and the continued peace of mind that their business is secure.

David recalled that previous audits had a lot more work for auditors and less confidence that they were leveraging the right policies and procedures. With Vanta, there was significantly less work and much less uncertainty, with transparency at the forefront of the platform.

David Nelson-Gal
Chief Technology Officer | Viakoo

David Nelson-Gal
Chief Technology Officer | Viakoo

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