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What is ISO 27001?‍‍

ISO 27001 is a framework for managing IT security and sets out the specification for an information security management system (ISMS) that helps keep consumer data safe. Following the completion of an audit, an organization can be ISO 27001 certified by an auditor.

An accepted standard for organizations doing business outside of the United States, ISO 27001 proves your security to potential customers and businesses. Compliance with a world-class standard like ISO 27001 indicates a secure, reliable organization that can be trusted with customer data.

Who Needs ISO 27001 Certification?

ISO 27001 is a highly renowned standard across many industries and it has allowed businesses worldwide to secure their information systems and win the trust of their clients and partners. Find out why you may need ISO 27001 certification and how it can help your business.

ISO 27001 Requirements

ISO 27001 is unique because not all of the standards must be implemented in order for your organization to be certified as compliant. In that case, what are ISO 27001 controls and what are ISO 27001 requirements? There are 114 controls in total among 14 categories, and the ISO 27001 Security Standard requires that you assess your organization, your data, and your information security management system, implementing the controls that make sense for your business.

How do you assess ISO 27001 success?

The goal of ISO 27001 is to secure your data and information systems, but how do you determine whether it is effective in your case? Every business needs to determine the top key performance indicators or KPIs that reflect their ISMS’s effectiveness. These key performance indicators for measuring ISO 27001 effectiveness will vary based on each business’s ISMS, but tracking these metrics is critical for keeping your system secure and is a vital part of ISO 27001 compliance.

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