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ISO 27001 Management Review

What is the ISO 27001 management review?

The ISO 27001 management review intends to ensure an organization’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) and its objectives continue to remain appropriate and effective given the organization’s purpose, issues, and risks around its information assets. 

Senior management within an organization is ultimately responsible for the success of the organization’s ISMS. For senior management to confirm the ISMS is operating effectively and meeting defined objectives, they need to conduct management reviews. The management review serves the critical purpose of setting the tone and expectations for the organization concerning the organization’s implementation and maintenance of good information security practices.

Management reviews should be pre-planned and conducted often enough to make sure the ISMS continues to operate effectively and achieve the objectives of the business. The ISO 27001 standard states that reviews should occur at planned intervals, generally at least once per year and within the external audit period. However, given the rapidly changing information security threat and legal and regulatory landscape, it is recommended that the ISMS governing body conduct meetings more frequently. Meeting at least every quarter will help establish that the ISMS is operating effectively; that senior management remains informed; and that any adjustments to address risks or deficiencies can be promptly implemented.

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