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Vanta SOC 2 badge.

Achieving SOC 2 compliance is no easy feat. It costs tens of thousands of dollars and months of work to complete. With so much invested, you'll want to get as much out of your SOC 2 as you can. If you’ve successfully received a SOC 2 report, you can get a SOC 2 badge that confirms your compliance to help grow your business even more. 

Here are three ways to use your SOC 2 badge to help your business grow and get the most out of your SOC 2.

Official AICPA SOC badge.
Official AICPA SOC badge.

1. Add a SOC 2 badge to your website. 

Many prospects already know they want to work with vendors that have a SOC 2. For those who are familiar with SOC 2, an official AICPA SOC 2 badge is a highly recognizable image. It catches their eye and immediately lends credibility to your business and your security posture.

You can get a SOC 2 badge from AICPA directly and will need to register to use the badge. If you use Vanta, we also give our clients a SOC 2 badge after they achieve compliance.

2. Create a SOC 2 compliance page

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to turn your SOC 2 compliance into a marketing tool is by creating a page on your website that shows off your SOC 2. This page could be a blog post or a static page on your site that displays your SOC 2 badge, such as under the “About us” section.

This page will help demonstrate trust throughout the customer journey. It instantly lets them know you have a SOC 2 before they ever interact with a sales rep.  

The page can also educate potential clients and partners about your security posture and how it benefits them to partner with your company. You can include a contact form on this page to capture leads who are interested in doing business that has a SOC 2.

3. Post about your SOC 2 on social media

Social media can help you reach an even larger audience to share the news of your SOC 2 compliance. Just like your web page, this post will show up in the search results for your company and SOC 2-related keywords. You can also turn your social post into a paid ad to reach an even larger audience. Consider sharing your compliance page to social as well to capture leads.

Grow your business with SOC 2 and beyond

SOC 2 compliance helps organizations build stronger information security and demonstrate trust to stakeholders, but the benefits don’t stop there. With the tips above, you can celebrate your SOC 2 compliance in a way that helps you bring in more business.

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