SaaStr Annual 2021: What Vanta is looking forward to

September 21, 2021

SaaStr Annual 2021, taking place Sept. 27-29th, is the largest gathering for founders, executives, and venture capitalists in the Software as a Service industry. This is the first major tech event happening in the San Francisco Bay area since the start of the pandemic and we’re excited and proud to be a platinum sponsor.  

Of course, things will look a little different this year. Health precautions are a priority, so the event has taken on a new look and feel: think outdoor festival. There are over 40 acres devoted to attendees, which has been capped to 5,000 people for everyone’s safety. The open-air fairgrounds will provide the stage for over 150 speakers from the cloud and SaaS communities. The event is also hybrid -- if you can’t join in person, there is the option to stream from anywhere. Let’s get into what we’re looking forward to at SaaStr Annual 2021.

From the desk of Christina Cacioppo

First and foremost, we’re thrilled that Christina is presenting at this year’s SaaStr.

Christina will discuss how Vanta grew from $0 to $10MM in ARR prior to raising a Series A and what she learned from the process. Learn how Vanta has transformed from a very small team focused on SOC 2, to a leader in security compliance automation and continuous monitoring. Don’t miss her presentation on Wednesday, September 29th at 10:45 PDT, to hear details on the steps she took to achieve 400% year over year growth and Vanta’s pre-Series A journey.

Growing your product with Loom

Loom is an asynchronous video messaging service that helps businesses communicate better both internally and externally. The organization has served over two million users with improved workplace video messaging. Just about a year ago, Loom officially became SOC 2 compliant with the help of Vanta’s SOC 2 automated compliance platform. According to Loom, “Vanta adds another layer of continuous monitoring on items such as encrypted data stores, timely access disablement dates, vulnerability identification, and policy management. They integrate with our third-party systems to recommend SOC 2 industry best practices, aggregate audit evidence, and provide ongoing monitoring and support.”

Loom’s VP of Product, Anique Drumright, will be presenting on “The Secrets of Expanding from a Single Product to a Platform Play.” We’re excited to learn more about how Loom has expanded their business growth with strategies for understanding market signals and defining success for stakeholders. Anique also will be sharing her tips to effectively improve product development and ways to generate revenue opportunities.

Mastermind class with Notion

Notion is a startup that is considered a pioneer in the all-in-one collaboration application, where business tools can work seamlessly together. Notion’s capabilities appeal to both small and enterprise companies.

As the success of the organization took off, Notion partnered with Vanta to set up continuous monitoring of their technical services through APIs in order to instantly be able to identify security vulnerabilities. Notion said, “As a really small startup, you don’t even know what a security program is. Vanta was the scaffolding for us. It helped define what security for a startup looks like and built us a roadmap that would actually accelerate our sales.”

We’re eager to hear Notion’s Chief Revenue Officer, Olivia Nottebaum, discuss “How Community-Led Growth Drives Product-Led Growth.” Olivia will share how Notion has been successful at scaling to cater to enterprise-level customers and the complex aspects of product-led growth. She’ll also delve into the mandatory “ingredients” for achieving growth success.

From the desk of ProfitWell CEO

ProfitWell helps organizations understand churn and expansion revenue. The tool is used by customer success teams that value insights about retention and are looking for comprehensive ways to reduce customer turnover. ProfitWell has partnered with Vanta to achieve SOC 2 and continuous security monitoring, setting the capabilities for ongoing security compliance and growth.

ProfitWell CEO, Patrick Campbell, is taking the stage to present “A Playbook for Revenue Automation Based on 24,173 SaaS Companies.” Patrick will take a deep dive into ProfitWell’s unique data set and will share how the SaaS market has shifted in just the past year. We’re intrigued to hear the results on what is considered the new framework for revenue success and get some actionable takeaways from ProfitWell’s SaaS data.

Meeting Vanta customers

Aside from looking forward to learning from inspiring leaders and making lasting connections with other SaaS companies, we’re intent on meeting as many customers as we can in person.

We want the opportunity to hear your feedback. Schedule a time to meet with the Vanta PM team at SaaStr. During your meeting time, you will be able to share details about your experience with Vanta and learn about our product roadmap.

Not sure of your schedule just yet? Feel free to stop by and meet our team at booth 415. Not (yet) a customer? Come visit us anyways! We hope to see you there.

“Vanta's expert team helped analyze our compliance requirements and shared what was needed to complete a SAQ-D. Because of this, we accelerated our timelines, saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in costs.”

Klas Hesselman
Co-founder  |  Flow Networks
Vanta automates security compliance.
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