What's New in Vanta 3.1.22

March 1, 2022

Maintaining a security program can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially when done without the right tools. Thankfully, one of Vanta's greatest advantages is our best-in-class automation. We make it easy for users to manage and administer their work via smart automations with commonly used tools. In this month’s update, we're highlighting our enhanced integrations with Slack, Okta, and Datadog, which are designed to make your security program more trusted and easier to manage.

Easier management

Slack notifications

We recognize that much of the day-to-day collaboration around security and compliance work occurs outside of Vanta. To better integrate into your team’s existing workflows and tools, we've launched Slack notifications.

Get Vanta alerts and summaries via Slack

Now, immediate alerts, as well as daily or weekly summaries, can be delivered to the Slack channel of your choice. These notifications are further organized by the categories you're used to seeing in Vanta: Employee, Engineering, Policy, Risk.

With this new feature, we're excited to meet customers where they work and to broaden Vanta's automation capabilities.

Better customization

Okta IdP scoping

For larger companies with hundreds of employees or multiple sub-organizations, compliance scoping can get complex. It’s common for these businesses to need entire employee groups and other resources with IdPs to be marked as out of scope. Yet, managing scope across multiple organizations has traditionally been a manual, time-consuming process. To help, Vanta now leverages Okta’s application assignment functionality to easily determine scope for your people and resources.

Easily manage who's in scope with Okta

This enhanced Okta integration makes it easy to define which employees should be added to Vanta and which should be kept out of scope. By using your IdP as the source of truth for employee scoping, you’ll reclaim the lost time spent managing multiple applications and benefit from a faster, simpler workflow.

Learn more about controlling scope using Okta.

Datadog expanded integration

SOC 2 and ISO 27001 both require server capacity management and threshold monitoring. In addition, this practice is recommended for any security program, no matter the associated framework. To provide even greater server monitoring capabilities, we’re expanding our Datadog integration with over 30 new tests that check AWS, Azure, and GCP for:

• Load balancer health and latency

• CPU utilization

• VM utilization

• Free storage space

• Free memory space

• Read and write capacity

This expanded Datadog integration reflects our commitment to make Vanta the trusted and most holistic view into your organization’s security.

Learn more about connecting Vanta to Datadog. In beta until general availability on 3.4.22

Tell us what you think

As always, we welcome your feedback on these changes. Please let us know what you think by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager. Let’s keep in touch on LinkedIn.

“Vanta's expert team helped analyze our compliance requirements and shared what was needed to complete a SAQ-D. Because of this, we accelerated our timelines, saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in costs.”

Klas Hesselman
Co-founder  |  Flow Networks
Vanta automates security compliance.
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