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January 1, 2021

Here at Vanta, we’re big fans of helping companies get secure. We’re focused on simplifying the complex, time-consuming, and tedious process of preparing for a SOC 2 audit, so our customers can get it done and move forward with a strong security program in place — and proof in hand. If you’ve been stalling on security, see what our customers have to say about SOC 2 in their own words, and what carried them through on their SOC 2 journeys.

It's worth it to be proactive

→ Make getting your SOC 2 about protecting your customers’ data — and celebrate it!

  • “One of Gem’s founding core values is customer-centricity. For us, this translates directly into a commitment to protecting customer data. Everyone who touches our platform should feel, and know, that their information is secure.” — From Gem’s blog post, “Gem Receives SOC 2 Type II Certification

→ Lead with security, and compliance will follow

  • “Compliance is checking the boxes. Looking for that list of boxes to check won’t necessarily make your organization secure. It could leave you in a position very far from a secure posture. We found that by putting security first, compliance naturally followed.” — From Clubhouse’s blog post, “Lessons learned on our journey to SOC 2 compliance

→ Improved security through SOC 2 certification is simpler than you think

  • While the end result of the SOC 2 process is a more secure organization, there is a huge amount of unnecessary pain and busy work involved in the accreditation and renewal process. Vanta is simplifying that massively for teams.” — From Lattice’s Customer Case Study

→ Think of SOC 2 as a scaffold for a holistic security program

“As a really small startup, you don’t even know what a security program is. Vanta was the scaffolding for us. It helped define what security for a startup looks like and built us a roadmap that would actually accelerate our sales.” — From Notion’s Customer Case Study

Transparent, clear communications support security

→ Make the process transparent to the entire organization

“Individuals at every level will often be the agents of implementing necessary controls to be compliant. When it comes to things like background checks and monitoring employee laptops, we wanted individuals to be on board with the degree to which we implemented those controls. We found that folks were more than obliged to help increase the security of our organization when they understood the need for it.” — From Clubhouse’s blog post, “Lessons learned on our journey to SOC 2 compliance

Security is an ongoing commitment

→ Get your SOC 2 early if you know your customers expect proof of commitment to security

  • “Getting a SOC2 audit is commonly seen as an activity that only larger companies attempt due to the necessary preparations and time commitment. While this is true, we’ve found that the preparation and involvement seems to scale exponentially with company size. Earlier stage companies have a huge advantage in this respect because changes can be made quickly to systems to bring them into compliance. Getting our SOC2 when the company was only 7 months old was one of the best decisions we ever made. Not only did it give us a big advantage in the enterprise sales process, but it also allowed us to build compliance into our company’s DNA very early on.” — From Modern Treasury’s blog post, “How to Get a SOC 2

→ Build a regular cadence for reviewing security at your organization

  • “As part of our SOC 2 certification at WorkOS, we now run a quarterly meeting to review who has access to which applications, and the attendees are (actually) documented.” — From Work OS’s blog post, “The Developer's Guide to SOC 2 Compliance

→ A true commitment to security is more than a one-time engagement 

“As part of our ongoing dedication to data security, we are constantly and critically reviewing how we collect, manage, and secure customer data. As part of that process, we plan to continue obtaining periodic SOC 2 Type II reports.” — From Rever’s blog post, “Rever Passes Rigorous Infrastructure Audit for SOC 2 Certification and Trusted Technology Platform Partner

Make time for security — and save time in the process

→ Partnering with an automation tool like Vanta can save you some serious audit time

  • “90% of the document collection process was self-completed by the auditor being able to see our Vanta profile and download the necessary evidence. The other 10% involved some fairly straightforward screen sharing sessions and sending over screenshots of certain internal tools and configuration files. All in all,  the entire process was completed in a week, and three weeks later we had our finalized SOC 2 Type I report.” — From Modern Treasury’s blog post, “How to Get a SOC 2

Vanta is “security in a box” for companies of all sizes — helping you get audit-ready fast, and supporting your company through a successful SOC 2 audit and beyond. Vanta continuously monitors your systems and services, collecting information about your security to prove your compliance over time. We’ll work with you to customize your security monitoring needs, and to tailor your SOC 2 to meet the needs of your company and your customers. Ready to get started?

“Vanta's expert team helped analyze our compliance requirements and shared what was needed to complete a SAQ-D. Because of this, we accelerated our timelines, saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in costs.”

Klas Hesselman
Co-founder  |  Flow Networks
Vanta automates security compliance.
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