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Vanta’s Security and Compliance Overview

October 19, 2021

Security and compliance are a priority for most organizations working in the cloud. But, getting secure and then staying compliant can be challenging. There are so many decisions to make around which areas of security to focus on, how to get them done, and who should be responsible for which areas.

This overview shares strategies for many security and compliance related issues, from how to get started with security to how to prove compliance for the enterprise.

Security posture

Cybersecurity vs information security: What's the difference

What is the difference between cybersecurity and information security? Get a better understanding of how these two data securities differ from one another and how you can protect your organization.

Security awareness training 101: Get your startup ready

Vanta and Living Security are working together to help your team develop the skills necessary to protect your company’s data with security awareness training.

Create a culture of security from the start

Christina Cacioppo and Chris Evans of discuss how to create a culture of security at LAUNCH Jam Session.

Security for B2B sales

What are security reviews and how can they impact your business? Christina Cacioppo, Vanta CEO and co-founder, led a talk with a focus on Security and B2B sales.

Five principles for building a secure product

Vanta CEO, Christina Cacioppo, recently spoke at the Startup Grind 2021 Global Conference and shared tips and best practices for building a secure product.

8 Best practices for vendor management

Learn how to work with vendors while maintaining security with these eight steps for protecting your data.

Security reviews for startups

This guide demystifies security reviews, helps readers improve security at B2B companies, and gives you direction on how to create trust in the process.

Cybersecurity is more important than ever

In a world where security practices are now a constant source of scrutiny, companies are looking for ways to ensure that they are compliant with industry security standards, and effectively defending against nefarious actors. Learn how to make cybersecurity a priority.

Compliance automation

The evolution of information security audits

Vanta’s Matt Cooper spoke at Cobalt’s SecTalks 2021 and discussed how audit irritation spurred the idea for compliance automation and how information security audits are evolving.

The SOC 2 compliance checklist

Vanta provides a five step process to obtaining a SOC 2. Learn how to prepare your organization with this compliance checklist.

Command E locks in end-to-end security for a seamless SOC 2 and compliance beyond the audit

Learn how Command E partnered with Vanta to provide their customers with security assurance and efficiently obtain a SOC 2.

Your HIPAA compliance checklist

Your company must implement and document comprehensive administrative, physical, and technical security safeguards to become HIPAA compliant. Simplify your HIPAA compliance with this actionable checklist.

Why a SOC 2 is the most accepted security compliance standard

Learn why enterprises trust SOC 2 compliance and how your organization’s growth may depend on it.

Notion defines their security roadmap with a continuous monitoring tool

Learn how Vanta’s automated and prescriptive approach helped Notion evolve their security posture to meet the needs of their largest enterprise clients.

A step-by-step guide to effective compliance risk management

Learn how to build a compliance risk management strategy from scratch with this step-by-step guide.

Security compliance and the enterprise sale

We’ve partnered with Modern Sales Pros, Zerto and Kustomer to chat about the importance of security in sales and how to make sure your company is providing the highest level of security to make your potential customers feel comfortable and confident.

Security and compliance terms

Compliance risk management
Compliance software
IT security policy
Security questionnaire
Vendor assessment
Vendor management policy
Vendor review